Today’s high was 100+ degrees (exactly how high depends on whose data you’re looking at), for the fourth consecutive day. The last time that happened was 1936, a year known for its furnace of a summer.

A few records from 1936 have fallen this year, and autumn is still two months away.

Jake & I were out in it for a while this afternoon, running some errands. We stopped at the haircut place, for a trim (both of us); we hit the local Target, to buy a new filter for the vacuum cleaner (it turns out Target sells the vacuum cleaners, but not the filters); and – our final stop – Lowe’s, for a soaker hose (we found a nice one, and not too expensive).

The lawn looks terrible: brown, dry, utterly lifeless. Even the shady spots are in sad shape. But I don’t mind that. The grass will come back. (It always does.)

But the trees are looking stressed. (Having the fence guys drive their Bobcat over their roots couldn’t have helped.) So the plan is to give them a good soak, first thing Sunday morning, which is why Jake & I went hose-shopping.

(That just sounds naughty.)