Today, the ratty gray fence that has enclosed the back yard of Stately Rice Manor since we moved here in 2000 (and, given its obvious superannuation, for quite a while previous to our arrival) is – finally! – coming down.

Three fellas with hammers, power tools & a Bobcat are even now knocking it down & piling it on their trailer.

Work on the new fence – a very pretty (and mind-bogglingly expensive) cedar job – will begin presently.

(Sam is fascinated by all the activity. He’s been glued to the back windows, taking pictures, etc., etc.)

2 thoughts on “De-fence

  1. Pat Post author

    The fence guys have left for the day. The fence and shed are gone the only remnant is a single broken-off fence post, so thoroughly embedded in concrete that they couldn’t remove it.

    “We’ll jackhammer that out tomorrow,” quoth the fence guys.

    He also reports that the property line on the one side runs under the neighbor’s dog kennel. Um. That’s unfortunate.

  2. Pat Post author

    Day 2 of the fence project, and we have posts. Unlike the old fence, these were buried about two feet deep, and set in concrete. They won’t fall over unless the New Madrid fault cuts loose again.

    The fence guys report one or two days of work left to do.

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