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Much chatter last week & over the weekend about the Microsoft ‘event’ scheduled for later today in Los Angeles. (No, I’m not attending. Thanks for asking!) What new techno-wonders will the ‘softies announce? Will it be…an iPad killer? A new e-book reader? Something else?

In one sense, I don’t care: whatever it is, I’m unlikely to purchase one. I already have quite enough gizmos to keep me busy for years to come, and my discretionary fund is – alas – quite depleted.

In another, I do: when I saw the phrase ‘iPad killer’, my first thought was, If killing the iPad is their primary goal, they will fail.

Not because the iPad is unkillable. Despite its current juggernautitude, some new gizmo could come along & push the iPad right off the face of the earth. It’s happened before, it’ll happen again.

No, the (as-yet hypothetical) iPad killer will fail because it’s a reaction to the iPad. A clone, with ‘improvements’. That’s not how you create something new & interesting.

One thought on “Wait for it

  1. Pat Post author

    So, the Big Surprise turned out to be…Microsoft Surface, a Windows 8 tablet with a magnetically-attached keyboard/trackpad/cover thingy.

    It’s usually a bad sign when the ‘softies repurpose one of their brands like this: remember when Microsoft Surface was a table, not a tablet?

    The ads were short on detail (long, though, on arty shots of magnet balls bouncing around, sand blowing in the wind, etc.).

    I’m sure it’s a nice machine, and lots of people will buy one. (I won’t.) The question is whether enough people will buy one to prevent Surface from going the way of the Zune. (Remember that?) Microsoft has a tendency to lose interest in its products if they aren’t instant super-mega-hits.

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