Last night, I read until 12:30am (more or less). I hadn’t intended to stay up so late; but I was strangely un-sleepy, as if I’d had too much caffeine, too late in the day.

I hadn’t. It took a few decades, but eventually I learned to be careful in my use of stimulants. I have my travel mug of coffee, first thing every morning, then it’s decaf thereafter.

So why was I awake at half-past midnight? I have no idea. I put away my book (actually, a Kindle), settled in, and – after a while – fell asleep.

I woke up a few times, in varying degrees of discomfort. (I’m old. I have aches & pains. Some nights, they’re worse.) At 4:30, I gave up, grabbed the iPad & headed out to the living room.

Handy things, iPads. I checked mail, read some web pages, read a bit of Rise and Fall of the Third Reich (Hitler was wrapping up the conquest of Norway & Denmark, and planning the invasion of Holland & Belgium.)

I even fell asleep for a while. And then it was morning, everybody else was up & it was time to get started on the day.

I expected to spend the day half-asleep, and get very little work done, but that didn’t happen. (Why not? Again, I have no idea.) Even so, I’m hoping to get a little more sleep tonight.