Portal 2

Last September, the folks at Valve decided to give away copies of Portal, a game of theirs that was a big hit some years ago.

Never one to turn up my nose at free stuff, I downloaded Portal & installed it on the iMac. I had a grand time playing it – though I proved somewhat less dextrous than the game’s designers seem to have expected.

Portal turned out to be a gateway drug: since then, I’ve accumulated several more games (Half-Life 2 and its sequels, plus Team Fortress 2). I even bought a game from the OS X app store.

That last one didn’t turn out so well. I ended up deleting it.

I’ve been wanting to play Portal 2, which looked interesting; but it cost $20, way out of impulse-buy territory. So I waited, checking Valve’s daily-deal page as often as I remembered.

My patience paid off: yesterday’s deal was Portal 2, $6.79. (Odd price….) I fired off an order, and bought a second copy as a gift for Jake.

(Portal 2 is an11GB download. I had to leave it running overnight.)

It’s a nice game, though it promises to be even more of a challenge. But all is not joy in Muddville – Jake installed his gift copy, and it refused to run. The iMac’s video hardware is unsatisfying.

Sorry, Jake.