Poor Sam, he picked up some germs or something: he woke up a little after 5am, wandered into the quilting room and threw up into the garbage can.

How tidy of him.

Jennifer cleaned him up and tucked him back into bed, then everybody went back to sleep. (Except me. I stayed up & messed around on the WRI laptop.)

Sam woke up (again) around 6:30am. The barfing continued, all through the morning. In between, he was very droopy & sleepy. Poor little guy.

He perked up in the afternoon (the barfing stopped, too); by evening he was eating Jello (cautiously provided by Mama & Papa) & asking for real food (which we declined to provide, for fear of seeing it again).

Thanksgiving – which was going to be here; our first time – had to be postponed. We’re aiming for Saturday.