Playing with fire

A while ago, Jennifer ordered a fire pit; it arrived today.

It’s a cute little thing, a knee-high metal pagoda about three feet square. Jake put it together (clever lad, is our Jacob).

We tried it out this evening: Jennifer cut up some tree limbs, and I arranged them artfully around some wadded-up paper towel. Then I tried to get a lit match into it.

This proved rather more difficult than I expected. The matches wouldn’t light, the paper towel wouldn’t ignite, the wind kept blowing out the fire. In desperation – Jake & Sam were waiting to cook marshmallows – I stuck the first box of matches into the wood, then used the second box of matches to ignite it. That worked.

(I should point out that the first box was nearly empty.)

The marshmallows were very tasty. Sam was too impatient to roast his, and ate them straight out of the bag.

Pictures were taken. Some might appear on Flickr, eventually.