Still scanning

The scanning project goes on: the last surviving photo shop in town – Better Image, on the northwest corner of University & Chestnut – has negative holders for sale, so I picked up a few the other day.

Better Image is a curious place. The proprietor is an older gentleman, who doesn’t qualify as elderly just yet but will very soon. He & his shop seem to be running on inertia – he’s still in business not so much because he enjoys photography, but because after so many years of it he can’t imagine doing anything else.

I could be wrong – I hope so – but I suspect in a few years we’ll read about him in the newspaper: Last photo shop in town closes; owner retires after 50 years in business.

Addition of previously unfiled negatives has added seven more pages to the big binder, and with another page or two yet to go. And then I’ll really be finished.

Except that sometime in the last nine years I seem to have mislaid two sets of negatives. One is a set of Tiglash pictures, taken shortly after Jacob was born: I have the prints, and even a photo CD, but the negatives are gone. The other is the second roll of film from the Wisconsin Dells trip of 2003 (Jacob’s first vacation). I’ve looked through my boxes of photos twice now, and come up empty both times: no prints, no negatives.

I’m hoping the missing envelope is mixed in with Jennifer’s pictures. Perhaps this weekend I’ll root around in the closet a bit more. (It’s very messy in there. I have way too much junk.)