It’s not over

This afternoon, I scanned the last strip of negatives from the big binder: the 823rd, more or less. Since January, I’ve scanned approximately 3,200 images, going back to March of 1985.

I’ve had a grand time, revisiting old adventures. I was a little bit sad, putting away the binder for the last time.

However – page 118 ended with my trip to Carmi; that was in early May of 2002, nineteen months before the camera died. Quite a few negatives never made it into the binder.

They were still in the envelopes, with the prints from the (now defunct) one-hour place where I used to have my film developed. I have sixteen envelopes, possibly 400 more images, left to scan.

Or not: some of them include photo CDs, which might be of sufficient quality. And six of them are from Jake’s disposable-camera phase (2005 – 2006); I’m not sure I want to scan pictures of walls, feet, ears, etc.

Anyway, the binder is finished, but the project goes on.