I’ve been seeing some chatter lately about http://ourdoings.com/:

It’s easier to look at photos when they’re grouped in a way that tells a story. You don’t have to group them yourself. We do it automatically, so long as you’ve set the clock on your digital camera. Traditional photo-sharing sites stream photos at you. We lay them out nicely.

Even Scoble is using OurDoings. For the last year or two, I’ve signed up for just about anything Scoble wrote about. But not this time.

I keep my photos on Flickr. There may be better sites available, but migrating my photos (almost a thousand of them) to a new site – and fixing up all the <img /> tags here – is just too much work to contemplate. I could just make a clean break: all photos currently in Flickr stay there, but all new photos go to the new site. But that’s even less appealing.

So – as with Green Sherpa vs. Quicken – the bar is raised: to replace Flickr, a new site will have to be more than just a little bit better. Alas, OurDoings.com is not.