Warm this morning (43°), but also windy and raining.

Due to young Mr. Jacob’s general lack of urgency in getting ready for school, and Papa’s failure to keep a close eye on the time, we were several minutes late to the bus stop this morning; and the bus was a few minutes early. It was a near thing.

This morning’s weather, crummy as it is, still qualifies as an improvement over yesterday: Monday morning, we woke up to temperatures just below freezing, with a weak drizzle of rain, and ice everywhere. It wasn’t enough ice to coat the trees (and bring down limbs, snap power lines, etc.), but it was quite sufficient to glaze the roads and make driving on secondary streets – left unsalted as part of a recently-announced city cost-cutting measure – quite treacherous.

But Jake made it to school yesterday, Sam made it to preschool, and nothing bad happened to any of us. I even won a dollar in County Market’s Christmas promotion, so it was a day both adventuresome and profitable.