Moving pictures

The old daybook – the one that’s part of the CityDesk site – has quite a few images in it. When I transferred everything to Movable Type (two years ago), I left the images where they were.

But now the pictures are on Flickr, and the links need to be updated. This is a rather tedious process: find the links, find the corresponding images on Flickr, change the links, save, go on to the next. Whenever I’m in the mood, I do a few more. There’s no hurry: the old images are still there, so the pages that use them aren’t broken.

Today I cleaned up all the images links in daybook entries from 2001. At this rate, I’ll finish sometime in the next decade or two.

(A side project: collect all the pictures I took with the old 3M webcam, import them into iPhoto on the iMac, then upload them to Flickr.)