Mr. Dentist had a no-show this morning, so I was called in a little early for the repair job on #15.

Last week, he said it would take nearly an hour, and be a difficult procedure. Apparently he was wrong: he finished in only thirty minutes, and said afterward that it was easy.

The worst part of dental work isn’t the drilling & grinding (though they’re certainly nasty), it’s the novocaine. It seems like Mr. Dentist spends half an hour pumping novocaine into my gums: let’s have a quart here, a quart over there and half a gallon back there. Gack.

And then the stuff takes hours to wear off.

They told me not to drink any coffee this morning, because caffeine interferes with novocaine; does that mean if I drink coffee now it’ll wear off sooner? Or will I just burn my tongue?