Defeated by technology

The memory card in the X30 holds quite a bit of genealogical information, gleaned from various books over at the library; I had the notion of copying all of it to the iMac, so I could read it on a bigger screen. Alas, there were problems.

The iMac couldn’t read the memory card: I plugged it in, and nothing happened. I didn’t even get an error message.

Plan B: set up a Bluetooth connection between the X30 & the iMac, and use that to transfer the files over. After a bit of frobbing, I managed to get the X30 paired with the iMac. (Hint: don’t try to initiate the connection from the X30. It won’t work.)

By default, the X30 shares the My Documents folder, but I managed to change that so the entire device, including the storage card, was visible on the iMac. I picked a likely document, dragged it to the iMac’s desktop, and opened it in Word.

Word 2004 can’t read Pocket Word files. Apparently, I need to buy some kind of converter and/or synchronization software to munge my Pocket Word files into something not-pocket Word knows how to read.

I’m rather annoyed with Microsoft just now. Gratuitous document-format incompatibility is the sort of dumb stunt a second-tier software house might pull. (E.g., Intuit: the Mac & Windows versions of Quicken can’t read each other’s file formats.) The ‘softies are supposed to be smarter than that.

Update: Plan C: dock the X30 on nessus, use ActiveSync to upload the memory card files (which will also convert them to regular Word files), then copy them to mork.