Saturday, January 22, 2005

Cold this morning, and very windy. A little snow fell overnight—is still falling this morning, I think—and a fierce west wind is keeping it stirred up.

A good day to stay inside.

One of my Christmas presents last month was a bulb kit: a bag of paperwhite bulbs, some soil, and a box in which to plant them. (Many thanks, Mom & Bob.)

I followed the directions for forcing the bulbs (plant them, leave them in the closet for a few weeks), and they’re growing nicely now. One even has some tiny white flowers on it. They’ve taken over Jennifer’s sewing table. (Sorry, Jennifer).


But I don’t think I planted them correctly. Some of the bulbs have heaved up out of the soil, and some are growing sideways. I think I was supposed to save half the bulbs for next year.


Dropped off Jennifer & Jacob at the Virginia Theater, so they could watch The Magic Schoolbus: very wholesome and educational.

While they were at the play, I sneaked over the library for an hour, to see what could be seen in the 1865 Illinois census. Nothing, as it turned out: the library only has the (microfilm) reel with Champaign county (also Calhoun, Carroll, Cass and various other counties whose names start with C).

With that project thwarted (for now—supposedly I can order the White County reel on interlibrary loan, or perhaps from the Mormons), I decided to have a look at the 1870 census, White County, Carmi Precinct. I started at page 1 (of 94), and scanned all the names. Apparently my scanning rate is one page per minute, as I had just finished page 60 when my hour was up and it was time to leave.

I didn’t find Jacob Maurer (who supposedly came to America in 1864, but doesn’t appear in any official records until his 1877 marriage to Katherine Ziegler), but I did find Isaac Kello: father of Susannah Kello, who married Benjamin Austin, whose daughter Dolly Austin married Charles Edward Felty, related—somehow—to my great-grandmother Barbara Ellen Felty. Incidentally, Mary E. Austin, daughter of Benjamin Austin and his first wife, Lucinda Emerson, married John Matsel; their daughter Alice Matsel married John Sturm, son of James Clinton Sturm and Arrenna Aldridge.

(Dizzy yet?)

Upgraded Perl (to and Python (to on nessus.

I don’t know why I keep Perl around. I never use it for anything. Even at work, where much of my day is spent messing about with various build scripts, the only Perl script I use is a tiny little one to create .zip files. And I could rewrite that in Python in five minutes.

But the wikilog project, which started as PHP, is now (experimentally) in Python. (Really it’s not anything yet, as I haven’t written any code.)